Make a Reservation

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Prefer to make your reservation via phone? Call (917) 675-0771 between 11am and 9pm.


The full restaurant is available for private events of up to 18 people with 2 weeks advanced reservations.

If you have any dietary requests, food allergies and preferences, please do inform us at the time of making your reservation, and not on the day of your meal so that the chef has time to prepare with extra ingredients. For Late Arrivals, if you or your guest has not arrived or called within 20 minutes after your reservation time, the restaurant reserves the right to mark your reservation as a “No Show” or Cancellation, of which you will be charged the penalty fee. For parties of 5 or more, a gratuity charge of 20% will be added to your bill. All cancellations must be made at least 48 hours before the reservation. If a cancellation occurs within the 48-hour period before the reservation, a cancellation fee of $50 per guest will be applied to the card.